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Fan Art!

Started by jl_anderson, Apr 12, 2006, 09:05 PM

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I drew some quick doodles last night that were inspired from the latest strip. I always loved the way that the three harem girls looked in the game. I was always inspired by the way that April Lee drew the poodle.

(Oh, I'm not looking for critiques at all... these were just doodles I did for fun. I just wanted to share in hopes that others would like seeing them, too!)

I noticed that some people thought that the pomeranian looked like a child but I always just thought of her as being just short and fluffy like an actual pom. If she was the same size as the afghan and poodle she'd look more like a samoyd or other large spitz.

The prince does not discriminate against size. All dogs are created equal! Or something.

I sketched the poodle as well. She is in the style of how April Lee drew her in the manual illustrations.

I drew their eyes more human-like than some of the illustrations of the characters but oh well. I like drawing human eyes.


We will be adding a fan art/fiction forum soon.


Cool! I wasn't certian where to stick this but since it was in reply to the current comic I decided to put it here. ^^;

cairn destop

Those were two excellent drawings.  The old hedgehog is also very much impressed by your ability to put something like that into a forum.  It's beyond my computer skills.  (Least I remind everyone about the fun I had with my avatar.)
Once again my avatar is working.  Does Snoopy happydance. 

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Very nice drawings!  I have to admit, dogs are not my strongest suit, art-wise.  I've drawn thousands of cats in my day (hence my normal cat-avatar) but rarely any dogs.  I will study your drawings and perhaps take some tips from them, especially when drawing pomeranians.


:wub: Very nice!


For just being doodles, those are certainly amazing drawings.. I'd hire you any day to make me something special if you were ever up to the task hehe.. Oh and those human eyes in my opinion actually work perfectly with the drawings themselves ;)

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Marcus Wulf

A little TOO cute for me, but for sketches, these are pretty good! Any fan art surpasses mine. I need to take art lessons at my high school. I just don't do faces well (weather human, furrie or superman...)
Well, good work! Have you considered a carieer in comics? Well, Ja!

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They're really good. 'Fraid the only fan art I can do is the Orb of Hands... *sob* -_-