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Weird Questions

Started by Tggtt, Mar 05, 2006, 09:00 AM

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After playing the game a long time ago, and playing it again, I got some questions, I discovered some answers but still they are interesting. (I have posted all of them)

Mentioned but not found
Where is the fox tribe? Is it in Known Lands?
Where is the pub at ferret village? (Wasn't the easier way to see plastereds? I found the plaster but not the pub!)

Not explained at the end
Who proves the death of Chota the Raccoon?
How did Chota steal the Orb?
When will we know if there are humans alive? If it was a disease why there are no corpses or bones remaining?
Did the Merchant Honeyfoot deliver the Old Trophy to the known lands as promised?
(He already knows the Wild Lands, how can I trust his "Known Lands"?)
Whick Wolf pack made alliance with the boars?
Was the boars involved in the theft? They made agreements with involved tribes.

General questions
How could a clock battery last for too long?
How can Rif read "Evacuate" and after that he cannot read the clock signs?
How did Elara know that you were leaving the known lands and the exatly time you where leaving the Tycho's house? (If she can realise that, why need of orbs?)
How could Prince know you were escaping the jail? He was already looking the maze.
While sleeping, Prince says he hates foxes because they are fluffy but he is a Collie!

(I will be remembering and adding, I think i forgot some...)


I think that maybe the questions not answered at the end will be answered in Inherit the Earth 2, or possibly the comics.  ;)  


I'll answer a few questions.

The home area of the Fox tribe is located in the Known Lands. The Known Lands extend both to the west and east beyond the map shown in the game.

Rif's goal was to prove he didn't steal the Orb of Storms. Eeah and Okk probably think that the Orb is unrecoverable and so don't continue the search. The fate of Chota is not much of an issue at that point.

They're really good batteries... ahem, power cells.

Rif can read the Rat writing and some of the human language (shown as English in the game). The inconsistencies in the game are just ill-used plot devices.

The path from the ferret village to Tycho's house passes near the Sanctaury of the Orb. Elara could have been told Rif had passed by and had a hare try to catch up to deliver the letter.

Prince's mumbling in his sleep was about "fluffy tails," which doesn't make any more sense. He also says "too many foxes." I think he's just having a bad dream.

And we're not saying if there is a pub in the ferret village.  ;)  


QuoteAnd we're not saying if there is a pub in the ferret village.  ;)


Well in the new game I hope we can visit the fox tribe and maybe see Rif's family or something (if he has any).... -_-

Oh and I honestly think that they shoud have gone and tried to recover the Orb....  :huh:  


there is no pub!


Quote from: skbleader on Mar 30, 2006, 06:15 AM
Well in the new game I hope we can visit the fox tribe and maybe see Rif's family or something (if he has any).... -_-

Oh and I honestly think that they shoud have gone and tried to recover the Orb....  :huh: 

the boar who sent Okk told him to kill RIf if he didn't bring it back. Maybe he was the one who failed!


The Boar Captain's orders to Okk were:

If they are lying, kill them.
If they try to escape, kill them.
If you suspect treachery, kill them.
If they do not find the Orb...kill them!!


Ah, "if they do not find"

It's ok then!

Well, those are very similar sayings!! ^_^...


nice game though, maybe the next one will shed some light on the unanswerd questions


As with most good stories, it will answer some and raise new ones.


while there are many questions, there are some answers... that should keep the story alive.

Knux the Fox

I'm surprised no one has mentioned this question yet.

At the end of the game, the orb of storms is awaiting input of the end date of the dry season.  Are they stuck in a permanent dry season?


I actually think that question has been brought up before, but maybe not.

My personal opinion is that, no, they are not. Since, at the end, the orb is continually asking for input, I would assume that it hasn't yet changed weather patterns, since it doesn't have all the required info to do so. Secondly, even if it did, I would think it would confirm that you wanted to cause such a drastic change. Thirdly, you'd think that such a powerful device would have some kind of security check, in order to make sure it's in the right hands.

That is all assuming, of course, that it does control the weather, versus being a forecaster. I think that has been clarified already, however. Correct me if I'm wrong.


Chota does say the Orb of Storms can control the weather. Elara (in her message to Prince) implies she thinks the Orb was moderating the weather. And the Orb seems to think it can control the weather (given the question it is asking).

I can't reveal if either the comic strip or tenative game sequel will involve resolving the "Orb problem." So, don't lose any sleep over it...


The "orb of the ferrets", "the one who knows all", is just a source of information, so I guess the orb of storms is just a weather forecast orb.
Because the morphs don't know how to forecast wheather they think it has the power to control the weather...