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ITE Missing

Started by JSM3050, Apr 01, 2006, 01:26 AM

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Whenever I try to go to http://www.inherittheearth.net, I get dropped at a Dreamer's Guild website that says it hasn't been updated since April 1, 1997. I used to be taken to the current comic strip. What happened?? :blink:  


I have the same problem! What´s going on with the page ? :blink:


I do believe, gentlemen, that what we have here is an April Fool's Day joke.

A bit of history:

The Dreamers Guild was a computer game development company that was around from 1991 to 1997. As you'll no doubt notice as you browse around this little web flashback, one of the games they created was Inherit The Earth.

Joe Pearce –Whom we all know as WyrmMaster– was a member of The Dreamers Guild, and later acquired the rights to several of the games they produced, starting Wyrmkeep to publish them.

So, don't worry, the site should return to regularly scheduled programming soon. Which is a good thing, because I really want to see the new Classic Sketch! :)


Should've guessed, I suppose. I remember the opening sequence for the original release of ITE back in something like 1994: The New World Computing globe spinning around to become the entwined snakes of The Dreamer's Guild.