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Old Version of Inherit the Earth

Started by nDesclian, May 25, 2005, 11:52 AM

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Hey everyone, I hope that someone out there can help me, because I have been wanting to play Inherit the Earth for a long time and recently found an old copy of it I had lying around.  There aren't many scratches on it, so I thought I'd be able to run it on my computer running Windows XP.  I tried loading the install.exe program from windows, but nothing happened.  So I opened up the MS-DOS command prompt and tried but encountered the problem of "Error reading CD media - probably none loaded."  I tried to load the game on some other computers, all of which were running windows xp, but encountered the same problem.  I tried to run the demos that also came on the cd, and these generally worked fine, but I still was unable to run the main game.  For some odd reason there is a demo for Inherit the earth on the cd (can't explain that one) and when I try to run that, it says that it "can't initialize EMS."  

Is there anyone out there who can help?  I really want to play this game because I loved it when I was a kid and get all nastalgic thinking about it.  Anyone who can offer an ounce of assistance please respond or email me at feiloveselly@hotmail.com  Thank you and take care.

Peter Swinkels

I see that the message above is old but, I hope my reply is still useful.

It looks like you're using an MS-DOS version of Inherit the Earth. To solve the probem involving the "can't initialize EMS." error, you need to allocate EMS to Ite.exe in the file properties dialog window:

Also, Windows XP doesn't support MS-DOS programs accessing the soundcard, unless you install a program such as VDMSound. You could configure the game to use the pc speaker, but the sound won't be as good as when using a soundcard.

You also mentioned that nothing happens when you try to run the install program, on my computer I get a message telling me that the install program is attempting to directly access the harddisk, something which Windows XP doesn't support for MS-DOS programs either. If this message appears, you should be able to select to close the install program or to ignore the program's attempts to directly access the harddisk. Just select ignore.


I see that the messages above are old, I.. etc.

The solution is to use ScummVM of course: http://scummvm.org/.