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Started by Tggtt, Mar 04, 2006, 08:36 PM

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I'm newbie to this forum and very happy to discover that one of my loved classic games is being revived, so I managed to revive a bug that I don't know if it was ever seen.

I have found this bug years ago playing the ITE on my old machine.

I managed to find the game and play it again, but now on DosBox to revive the bug, and it worked!

It's really strange, I don't know if it was fixed because I didn't play the new Windows version (not yet!)

It happens while you come back to free your companions imprisioned at dog's castle.

After opening the gate, go look at the loose block again, after that, get of the jail, and a  incredible bug appears! You can see another Rif getting crawling like he was when escaping from the jail! but this time on the wall.
Fortunately the bug do not cause crashs or further bugs. (This game is incredibly stable after all.)

As you see, if you point the cursor at the OTHER RIF, appears that HIS NAME IS RIF and the TALK button glows!

I don't know the exatly version, it dates March 10 1994


That bug probably exists in the Windows version too. Since it's not a crash bug, we're probably going to leave it be :)  


QuoteThat bug probably exists in the Windows version too. Since it's not a crash bug, we're probably going to leave it be :)
That means the developers have never noticed it?
That's really nice! For years I wondered if they did!

At that time I could not believe I would show it to them/you some day!

Peter Swinkels

Here is another bug:

Eeah must be seeing things... The craftsman is not there yet!  :lol:


Eeah is refering to the Craftsman® tools on the wall. Or the inviso-ferret in the doorway. Yeah, that's the ticket.


Yeah, and that extra Rif crawling through the air is a ghost from an alternate universe where Rif was actually caught and executed on the spot.  He crawls in the air because in the other dimension, the cells are actually located a little bit higher.  Talk to him and he may bemoan the error of his ways.  (smirk)


:lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Sorry about my late reply!

Rif is now hauting the dog's castle! (maybe Rhene can find him at the webcomic)

Marcus Wulf

WOW! I'll have to try that! And it's not Rif, it's Riff, Rif's mental pataint brother. Riff was arrested by prince when he thought prince was a girl. Since then, the poor sole has been walking on the wall on all fours. Will somebody please get him down?
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No, it's Rif's evil clone, like Luuke Skywalker who was an evil clone of Luke Skywalker (somewhere in the Expanded Universe apparently)... "If you won't go to the darkside Rif, your evil clone RIFF will fulfill your destiny... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!"
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Lol I still find this bug really ironic when you click on rif's twin and all he has to say is "Nothing special about it.."

It is almost like hes hiding something :o

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