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Inherit the earth 2 ?

Started by Tobibrocki, Dec 28, 2005, 05:48 AM

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Some parts of the sequel will be similar to the original, but other will be significantly different. There will be more play modes in the sequel.

We're just starting to ramp-up the staff, so I can't answer your question about artists.


That sounds good !  :)  What do you mean with more play modes ?  :unsure:

mmmmh.. , whats about the intro, have you any ideas for that this time(I know that its to early for asking that) ?
There are three good kinds you can use for the intro (I´m sure you know them): 3D Animation  , 2D Animation (Movie like, in a good quality, look at the intro of the Sega game "Sonic CD", a quality like that (Ok, that intro is Anime, but I mean only the Quality)) and Ingame (the easyest one, but if you make special sprites only for the intro (take a look at the ending sequence of ITE, Rif and Rhene, something like that, only better, and with more moves) you can pitch up the quality of this sprites and make the intro a little bit better)!
That are only ideas, but a intro animation with speech, music, nicely drawn backgrounds and high quality animation, sounds interesting, or what do you think ?

I personally don´t like 3D intro´s, but It would be interesting to see how the ITE world and the characters might be look like !  :huh:   :)


I'm impressed and very happy that a sequel is possible!

The first time I played that game I was very young, and you know that things you know since childhood seems somewhat special.

The idea of the sequel itself seems enough to me be happy.   :lol:
(Finding it being sold again too)

(Tobibrocki, I'm not saying that your ideas are bad, ok? Keep up)


Ok, that ideas I had for the Intro are not really cheap (if you´re looking at the money) and I´m sure they (some of them, not all) will be only ideas!
But how could the Intro for the sequel might look like (ingame, Animation,...???)!?
I know, its really early to ask that, but, have you thought about that and get some own ideas?
I hope the Intro and Ending-sequences of the sequel will be pretty, too (thats why I post this Ideas above)!?
Is the story done and ready for the next step?  :huh:


I just want to ask that if you need concept artists for work, I am volunteering. I don't really have a portfolio to show you, but I have a website with some of my stuff that I did about 2 years ago, and I have only improved:


Just click on the Deviation Gallery and what not to see all that I have submitted.

Just to put it out there. I think it would be fun to do, and wouldn't ask for any money made off of the game when it is created and sold.  

Knux the Fox

I'm rather excited about the idea of a sequel.  I recently finished ITE, and am pleased, but....I want MORE!!!  (btw, is anyone going to set the date to end the dry period?)  But, as graphics are concerned....I have an idea of what it could look like...I'm not sure if that's how it will be, but 3d rendered characters and animations on 3d rendered backgrounds...not exactly a 3d game, but 3d graphics with the same view as before.  Or...  hand-drawn characters would also look fine if made to blend with the rest of the graphics fluidly.  After playing the first game, I would definatly want more voice-overs, better graphics, more puzzles, a longer game perhaps?  Also, the original was a straight-forward (point and click) adventure...  perhaps some RPG elements could be implemented.  Such as weapons, fights (other than cutscenes), and diversions/ways to make and spend money.

Rik McCloud

This has got me incredibly excited ^^ I'm already adding this to my list of games I want.

Benny the otter

Quote from: WyrmMaster on Jan 07, 2006, 04:48 PM
3D: yes and no (sorry, can explain it more right now)

Languages: To be determined

Main character: Players will play their own avatar that will be accompanied by different characters during the game. We expect that Rif, Rhene, Okk, Eeah and some others will appear as "companions".

Music: Digital audio (aka real music).

Sounds like Ecco the dolphin 2, heh heh. Hi all! Loved the game! Looking forward to a sequel. I'd love to hear any more of what is planned. And yeah, fights and money would be cool, like Knux mentioned. More like a traditional RPG game, like the Final Fantasy series. But with Morphs, so it's better.

Anyways, if it ends up even half as good as the first game, it's still ten times as good as any other game I've played, so I'm looking forward to a new one!
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Well, i'm still waiting for any official and actual status statement of the sequel.
This game has changed my life in a very special way, and well, i think a sequel would still have to contain the same basics as the original game.

The worst case would of cause be, that the project gets cancelled at all... we have to avoid this on all costs! ;)

Knux the Fox

I can't wait to just get some early screens or concepts even to get an idea of what the game will look like.


I, for one, would certainly love to help out on this.  :ph34r:


Mmmmh, could the sequel contain a multiplayer? (you can play the game with a buddy) Or a MMorpg multiplayer, this would be really cool!!! Think about it, you can create your own avatar and play in a world full of interresting things and this! AND this could be the forst completly Furry ONLY MMORPG! ;) I like the Idea, and it must not have the big 3D hyper gfx known from other games, look at Ragnarok Online and this ones! Its only an Idea, but you all see that Online role playing games are ver popular! So! :)


Heya. I have recently beaten ITE and have to say it was a rather fun and interesting experience.. Not only that, but I am very happy to hear that a sequel is in progress and would love to donate to your efforts if at all possible.. Should I just donate through the comic strip's paypal, or is there another way perhaps?

"True talent develops from those who have the courage to stand up against all odds, even when knowing full well that they might have a very limited chance of succeeding." -Darvon


We don't have any donation system for the sequel. I guess that's something to think about.

A donation on the comic strip site is the only option right now, although that mainly goes to help defray the costs of producing the strip.


Well you honestly should because I would love to help you guys out by lending you some extra money  ^_^

"True talent develops from those who have the courage to stand up against all odds, even when knowing full well that they might have a very limited chance of succeeding." -Darvon