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Inherit the earth 2 ?

Started by Tobibrocki, Dec 28, 2005, 05:48 AM

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I only wanna to know, are you working (or is it planned) on a second part of ITE ?
Would be really great if you are (or planning this)!! :)



We're still in the planning stage of the sequel. The design document should be finished early next year. Then we'll see where things lead.


Will it be in 3D, or in the same look like the Original game from 1994 ?
Will or is a German speech version planned (would be cool)?
Is the main Character Rif ?
Will the soundtrack be Midi music or real Music (Orchestral)?


I know it seems kind of silly for me to say this here but if you ever need a concept artist I would absolutly love to help out. April Lee's beautiful art in the old instruction booklet had a huge influence on how I drew furries back in 1996 before I knew what "furry" even was...

Here is some of my art if you are curious...


3D: yes and no (sorry, can explain it more right now)

Languages: To be determined

Main character: Players will play their own avatar that will be accompanied by different characters during the game. We expect that Rif, Rhene, Okk, Eeah and some others will appear as "companions".

Music: Digital audio (aka real music).


QuoteI know it seems kind of silly for me to say this here but if you ever need a concept artist I would absolutly love to help out. April Lee's beautiful art in the old instruction booklet had a huge influence on how I drew furries back in 1996 before I knew what "furry" even was...

Here is some of my art if you are curious...
We will add you to our list of concept artists to consider.


QuoteWe will add you to our list of concept artists to consider.
Thank you! ^_^
In the meantime I should draw some fan art.  


QuoteThank you! ^_^
In the meantime I should draw some fan art.
Yes, you should. :D

Rye Dimar Dragon

Here I am searching and searching until I come across a site that is active on a fur based game (after playing the demo) I found to be very interesting.

I am too eager for my "inherit the earth" game to come in the mail so I can play it.

I must emit that I though their was no game out their the truly stays true to the furrie universe but I guess I was proved wrong.

Anyway As for my question on Inherit the earth 2, is it too early to ask if about what is the story of the inherit the earth 2 this time around? How long in the future (or maybe the past) will this take place?

Just wondering.


I hope the sequel will be in the same style made like the Original (Sure with modern graphics)!
You said "3D: yes and no!", will the sequel have a graphical look like "Warcraft III" (2D and 3D mixed together)?
Are you planning to port the game (after it´s done) to platforms like the Pegasos with MorphOS as operating system, or other platforms and operating systems ?
A german speech version would be really nice !
What kind of publicity is planned for the sequel, can you tell something about that ?


I'd almost like to see the second one done in the style of Myst crossed with a first-person shooter (meaning a first-person view but the environment isn't static like Myst).

I think that it would make a much more immersive setting seeing it through the eyes of your character.


mmh,.. a switch between different views would be great for that (everyone could play with the view he likes). I personally like the view style of ITE (and I would use this one)!
Or a mix of different views (this kind of system is used in ITE, I think :huh: ), but now a first person view could used for to find/search things, fighting against enemys, ..... !   :)

But too much views can be bad too  :blink: !

I hope the game would be made in the style of ITE and nothing would be changed into an anime like style (characters, images of them (like the emotion Images from ITE), ... (normal anime or the extrem ones with too big heads and smaller bodys than them)!

Are you making new sprites (with higher resolution) for the sequel or are you going  use the original ones ?

Can you built (if the planning is ready for the graphical part) a picture (use some stuff from other games and mix it) to get only an idea how the game might be look like ?

Will the sequel be an Adventure or an Adventure with action parts like fights, ... ?

Could you please make a (or some) ITE Wallpaper(s) !?  


There is a wallpaper available here:


BTW, the comic strip artist gets the largest portion of the tips.


I was just thinking, that the orb aint destroyed at the end of ITE.

So just to say it was found. A year after it was lost over the dam an Otter named Irvia, of the Circlelake tribe sets out on his 13th birthday on his test, just to say that in his tribe when a child reaches the aforesaid age he must travel out of the village and com back with a wonder and his place in the village rests on the wonder of the wonder.
and just say that the Tribe of Circlelake lived in a small village across the lake from the dam. Now when most boys reach this age they simply dive into the lake and return with old relics of humanity, some cross the mountains or the dam and return with items from the overruins [the airport.], most of these items are such as plastic containers or old photographs or other such items.
Now Irvia aint so much of a swimmer and so he takes his fathers fishing boat and sets off towards the dam, that night after crossing the dam he sits down beside an old abandoned road and prepares for camp when he decides that fish would make a good dinner, as he readies himself to catch a fish he slips face down into the stream and as he glances up the light catches something under the rock! and the young otter reaches in and pulls out the Orb of Storms. Now young Irvia is beside himself, only a day out and he finds this shiny orb, of corse the orb has shut itself down due to inactivity over a prolonged time period and so he takes his wonder back to the village.
 the Keeper of Wonders is so pleased at the wonder that he designates or irvia to head immediately into training to be his heir. and places the Orb in the place beside a solar powered radio [it only emits the fuzzing of a lost signal, but it lights up too.] that was the wonder which placed him as the Keeper of the Wonders.
And yes I know the word Wonder is used far too much, but this is a special village with a long running tradition. [His father found a plastic lunch box lid, which being neither useful nor shiny got him the job as fisherman.][most people just come back with spoons or crisp packets.]
The Keeper is a sort of chieftain as he conducts all ceremonies and gets a special robe and gets to live in the big house, but as its only a small village on important decisions they will always look to whoever they thinking is the cleverest of the lot weither hes a builder or a sweeper. the Hall of Wonders is one of the oldest of the buildings in the village although it has been extended so many times it no longer bears any resemblance to the original structure, As every child has to collect an item to become an adult the place is full of selves and cabinets where the wonders are kept on show. The Hall is built of wood and sits on a slight rise near the lakeside,
The village itself is comprised on single story [and in some cases single roomed.] wooden houses and stretches along the stony beach from the Hall to the school. Smaller than the Ferrets village yet larger than the cats. The village survives in peaceful isolatation from the rest of the island and most inhabitants will only leave it for their test.

 That was all backstory and descriptions, heres the idea, The protagonist is a young otter [or maybe not, this village might be integrated. in which case just use the heritage as an idea of time.] who is about to take his own test, His grandfather was Irvia, his father a toymaker [who specialized in puzzles.] and his mother a caretaker at the hall. As he prepares to take his test, and he is the only one to take the test this season, the Orb forecasts the weather to his mother.  In the discussions with the Orb it is reveled that last time is was operated was to the south at a certain number of numbers, not trusting the word of a sphere the Keeper takes the orb down to Davin, the carpenter, to ask for advice on the subject, he then calls the village counsil who decied that in order to learn more about this wonder you will have to special test, Not to find a wonder, but to find what a wonder is. And so you set out from the friendly village into the unknown in search of answers.
Inevitably to come across friends who would travel with you and discover puzzles that require solving and people who need help. An so an Adventure ensues.
its just an idea and I bet your got a better one.
and then no worries, aminly i wrote as i remember thinking it as i watched the credits, so maybe i missed out the important bits or it doesnt work. but no worries.
thank you for reading it.


Can you say something about the controls of the sequel (I hope that nothing will be changed too much) !?
Who is/will do(ing) the biggest part of the ingame graphics (are there enough ones)?

I really hope the sequel will be done/finished ! I don´t know if you can tell how many time you need with your team to do this ?  :)

Sorry for the many questions!  :D   I really hope the sequel will be cool !  :)