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Inherit The Earth Soundtrack - SpaceTime Revision

Started by subspark, Dec 09, 2005, 08:38 AM

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The soundtrack album was recorded using a Roland MT-32 synthesizer, which is a professional musical instrument. The game's music was originally composed for the Roland MT-32.

We feel that most people would like to hear the music as intended.

Of course, compositions like "Disco Star Wars" show that alternate renderings of soundtrack music are of interest too  :)  


Sure. however I feel the sound of Midi doesnt do the fantastic music by Matt Nathan any justice. Not now after 10 years. Not many can afford an expensive keyboard and hook it up to play their MIDI. I use a sound Blaster Audigy 2 and that sounds close to how I remember the game back in my childhood.
My goal is to revive the original music (the score) and realise a true orchestrated and auditory rich soundtrack.

If you'll care to download and listen, WyrmMaster, you will find there is no resemblance to my reissue and the querky addition of disco drumbeats in the Star Wars theme.
I hope others as I do, find the SpaceTime edition stays true to the original theme of the game. It's been a long time since the original release of ITE and as I mentioned earlier, the SpaceTime collection brings the music up into the 21st Century.

And no that doesnt mean that I have added rock guitars and cheesy disco drums.  <_<

Thankyou very much.
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Hi all. I am a big fan of Inherit The Earth from 9 years back now. Could it be 12?
I had a listen to the new ITE soundtrack and much to my own disatisfaction and dissapointment the audio seems no more rich than the original midis played on a professional soundcard. The original game sounds most similar whilst in gameplay.

Therefore I have created my own revision of what I expect the music would sound like if the game were created for todays market under current audio technology.
I purley elaborated on what I heard in the music back in 1994 when I first played the game. My childhood imagination has indeed grown along beside me.

Enough about me!
Lo and behold the new "SpaceTime Revision" of the Inherit The Earth Soundtrack!

Collection A:
Download Music (6.89Mb) here!

Note: For the highest quality experience with the best compression, these files are in MP3 format.  They are contained in a Zip Archive. Each SpaceTime Collection will eventually consist of 8 memorable soundtracks.
They are also looped as intended for the original game. Currently there is only 1 collection. A total of 7 tracks. The rest are well on the way. :)

Enjoy the experience! ;)
If there was only one truth, the mind would be subject to rules. PW 2003


Dear fans,

The SpaceTime Revision is now back online. Apologies for it being out so long and thankyou dearly for your patience.
I have included an aditional track since. Please download on the first page.

Enjoy my friends!
If there was only one truth, the mind would be subject to rules. PW 2003


I think there has been a misunderstanding. I wasn't comparing the style of your music to "Disco Star Wars". And we have no problem with alternate arrangements of the music by fans.



I liked it as much as the original music. Neither the original or the "remix" is any better than the other, just different.


Thanks to both of you.

I'm truly having a ball re-issuing the original classics. It's like working on the next Inherit the Earth title.

Oh I wish. But it looks as if Inherit The Earth has no intention of being a series of games. Odd, given the title format of the original game. "ITE: Quest for the Orb" sounds like part of a series to me.

Sigh. Wishfull thinking I'm sure.

I'm working on an Xbox360 and PS3 title at the moment and would absolutely love to come up with an addition to the series. The Playstation 3 architecture is fantastic to develop on not to mention the intuitive toolset. It won't be long now until a naturous adventure game like ITE will be released with graphics and animation surpasing Shrek. Saying that I wouldn't be surprised if they had the Shrek film running in realtime by late 2006.

But thats enough excitement for one day. I'll get back to my music.

Cheers again!
If there was only one truth, the mind would be subject to rules. PW 2003


There are plans for a game sequel. We will make an official announcement (if and) when production starts.


Very cool! I enjoyed your version of the songs! ^_^


Collection 2 of the SpaceTime Revision has now been released. See original post for details!

If there was only one truth, the mind would be subject to rules. PW 2003


Cool, good job!!! :)
I personally like the "Exploration 1" version you´ve done and now from the second collection I like "Tycho-home", keep the good work on !!!!

James Woodcock

Excellent work, i like the environmental effects! I love trying to create something a little more updated as well:


James Woodcock's Blog - technology, gaming and the bizarre


I think it was a great idea! You did it like a good professional you must be.


Fantastic work James! Very impressive use of guitar and flute. You've got some good audio software.

The next 3 songs I will be adding to the collection will be the main intro after the narrative sequence, the Sanctuary and the Dog castle theme.

If there was only one truth, the mind would be subject to rules. PW 2003

James Woodcock

Thanks for your feedback subspark.  It is nice to see, even though we are taking very different approaches to our interpretations of the music, we still enjoy each others work :)  It is actually Audio Hardware, Tyros 2 Workstation (keyboard) by Yamaha, top piece of kit :)
James Woodcock's Blog - technology, gaming and the bizarre