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A Story of the Morph

We see the sky, we see the land, we see the water
And we wonder, Are we the only ones?
Long before we came to exist, the Humans ruled the Earth.
They made marvelous things, and moved whole mountains.
They knew the secret of Flight, the secret of Happiness,
And other secrets beyond our imaging.

The Humans also knew the secret of Life,
And they used it to give us the four great Gifts:
Thinking minds, feeling hearts, speaking mouths, and reaching hands.
We are their children.

They taught us how to use our hands, and how to speak.
They showed us the joy of using our minds.
They loved us, and, when we were ready,
They surely would have given us the secret of Happiness.

Now we see the sky, the land, and the water we are heir to,
And we wonder, Why did they leave?
Do they live still, and whence? In the stars?
We wonder, Was their fate good, or evil...
And will we also share the same fate one day?

– as preserved by the Rat Tribe
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