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Keyboard Shortcuts
Main Screen Keys

w   Walk To button           u   Use button
l   Look At button           g   Give button
t   Talk To button           o   Open button
p   Pick Up button           c   Close button

The Tab key will show the Options Display.

The Esc key can be used abort a long non-interactive action or dialogue that is occuring. (When a non-interactive action is in progress, the Cursor will not be visible.) You should be careful when using the Esc key as you may miss some valuable clue by skipping through an action or dialogue.

Options Display Keys

Esc   Continue playing the game
q   Brings up the Quit the Game Dialog Box
r   Changes Show Dialogue setting
m   Turns music on and off
n   Turns sound effects on and off
l   Brings up the Load Dialog Box
s   Brings up the Save Dialog Box

Quit Dialog Box Keys

Esc   Return to Options Display
q   Exits the game without saving

Other General Keys

The F1 key will switch the game from a Full Screen display to a standard window. Press F1 again to switch back.

Windows Specific Keys

Pressing Alt-Tab while in a Full Screen display will pause the game and display the Windows Desktop. You can continue playing by clicking the Continue Game button in the dialog window visible on the Desktop.

The Contest Judge
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