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How to Guide Rif the Fox
The first time you play Inherit the Earth you will want to watch the non-interactive, introductory sections of the game where the Story of the Morphs and Rif's predicament are told. You can skip these sections next time you play by pressing the Escape (ESC) key once per section.
Note: On a Mac with only one mouse button a "left-click" is performed by clicking the single mouse button, while a "right-click" is performed by pressing a Shift key while clicking the single mouse bhutton.

Above is shown the main display. At the top is The Stage where the primary activity of the game occurs. Whenever the Cursor is over the Stage and you click the left-mouse button, Rif (and occasionally Eeah and/or Okk) will attempt to perform the action indicated by the Left-click Action description. The default is to walk to the location, character, or item under the Cursor. Clicking on a Verb button can temporarily change the default action. The Verb highlighted in yellow indicates what action will occur if you right-click on something while the cursor is over the Stage.

The Inventory is a list of all the items Rif is carrying. Rif starts out with only a Silver Medallion, but the opportunity to acquire and use items found during play is an important part of accomplishing Rif's goals. The Verbs also apply when you click on an Inventory item. Some verbs like "Give" even allow for a two-part action where you first click on an inventory item and then click on a character in the Stage - this will cause Rif to attempt to give the item to the character.

The Portrait usually shows Rif, but can show Okk or Eeah if they are performing an action for the benefit of Rif. The Portrait has additional purposes when a dialogue is taking place. See the section on Talking with the Natives for more information.

Finally, whenever the disk icon is visible, you can click on it to open the Options display. You should also click on the disk icon when you want to Save or Load a game. The disk icon will begin flashing slowly if you haven't saved your game recently. See the section on the Options Display for more information.

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